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Meet Lift, clueQuest's December Charity

by Freya Carroll

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Christmas is a time for giving, whether it’s the time our agents give to save the world or the presents we give to our loved ones. Generosity is a really important part of clueQuest, and we racked our brains this year as to how we could give back to our community! Then it hit us - we could raise money for a local charity, which is how we came across Lift, a youth hub based near our headquarters in Islington. 

Lift is a fantastic centre for young people that allows them to participate in healthy activities, get help with preparing for their futures and guidance for their personal health, issues and decisions. It’s based in a Victorian school, but instead of classrooms it has a gym, meeting rooms, a computer suite, dance studio and much more. Lift has been especially brilliant in helping young people through the pandemic, and we couldn’t have chosen a better organisation to raise money for during the Festive season.

But how did we do it? Well, we set up a giant human sized advent calendar in our briefing area, and closed the doors with padlocks (here at clueQuest we love padlocks)! By donating to Lift, people could choose a key and unlock one of the doors to possibly find a mystery prize hidden behind it! We gave away so many awesome items, from mince pies to card games to even £180 vouchers to come and play an escape room game at clueQuest! It was great to see how excited people were to find their prizes within, and even better because the money they were donating was going to such a great cause.

Thanks to the generosity of our agents, we raised a total of £484.48 and we also donated clueQuest games for the young people at Lift. We used the money we raised to buy the youth hub a Nintendo Switch with some accessories and games, which we hope they will love! They also showed some of our agents around their facilities, and we can confirm that they are absolutely fantastic!

If you would like to join us in supporting Lift, here is a link to their website. Why not check them out?