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How Playing Glitch Hunters Makes You a Better Person!

by Freya Carroll

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It may seem unbelievable, but top scientists at clueQuest Labs have discovered new information that proves beyond reasonable doubt that playing clueQuest’s new outdoor escape game, Glitch Hunters, makes you a better person. This may sound surprising, but they’ve shown us the research and it’s completely accurate. For the avoidance of any doubt, we’ve asked for special permission to display their findings here, and they have graciously allowed our request. Read on for one hundred percent true scientific fact…


We’ve all had those moments where we’re not at our James Bond best - not even at our Johnny English alright. What if I told you that nothing gives you a self-confident glow like playing Glitch Hunters? The success of solving challenging riddle after challenging riddle will help you remind yourself that you truly are the bee’s knees, the cat’s pyjamas, and Mr Q’s whiskers, giving you a wonderful frame of mind to enter Autumn with. 

  1. SPORT

We’ve all seen the Lionesses reach the final this summer and thought, ‘I wish that was me…’. Well, now it can be! Start by walking through London finding glitches, and then move to a light jog and then an all-out sprint as your excitement takes over. Science recommends playing Glitch Hunters three times a week to really build up stamina. 


Wish there was a way to hang out with all your friends at once? Well, read ‘clueQuest: the More the Merrier', then come back here, because once you’ve played all of our escape rooms, Glitch Hunters is your next step. Seal the bonds of your friendship through brain teasers - nothing bands people together for life like outdoor escape games! 


C’mon people, what makes you a better person more than saving the world? Captain America does it on a daily basis, and he’s GREAT.

There are many great reasons to play Glitch Hunters - as you can see, Science says so. You can book your outdoor experience here, or for some indoor activities, check out our escape rooms here