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Episode 2 - Alpha Brain System: story reveal

by clueQuest

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Episode 2 begins where Episode 1 left off: Lisa Hammerschmidt - aka Agent Crimson - has been rescued from her prison in The Cube, and has briefed the agency on Professor BlackSheep’s evil plan.

Agent Crimson has confirmed the worst - the Professor has been kidnapping the world’s top scientists and forcing them to build a system capable of hijacking the brain power of all humanity and turning its citizens into sheep-like followers. 

Finding the Alpha Brain System

The machine, known as the Alpha Brain System, is located in the heart of The Cube. The system works by connecting the minds of all living organisms to create a network of brain power.

The system decides where the brain power is distributed: according to its logic, simple minds are a waste of space - better to harness their miniscule power to boost the overall power of the collective. You can see where this leads - the minds of the many become slaves to the system.

And who is in command of the system? Someone needs to control the network, and determine the slaves from the masters. The leader is known as the Alpha Brain, and of course Professor BlackSheep has signed himself up for the job! 


Professor BlackSheep's vision for humanity

But there’s more at stake here than a few extra brain cells. The Alpha Brain System cam collect so much intelligence that it would soon become the world’s most powerful supercomputer. The Alpha Zero computer would look like last century tech compared to this one. The bitcoin mines would be empty, passwords would become redundant, and the banks would be open books...

Professor BlackSheep would rule the world, but he would also have control over all the world’s knowledge. All he needs to do is press the DELETE button, and science as we know it will be obliterated.

The Professor believes that we are squandering our intelligence on worthless pursuits, like sharing cat GIFs and voting in idiotic world leaders. By taking control of our minds, he will put us back on the right track, leading humanity one step closer towards his vision for an efficient and productive planetary civilisation: a new world order he likes to call Humanity 2.0.


Your mission in Episode 2

Thanks a lot Professor, but we don’t want the world to become a mindless herd of followers! We may have made some mistakes along the way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be trusted to think for ourselves. It’s time to put a stop to this system, before Professor BlackSheep gains too much power. And agents, we need your help!

Agent Crimson is moving into the heart of The Cube to locate the Alpha Brain Systems and free the kidnapped scientists. Some time ago we lost contact with her, and Agent Q and Lord Hammerschmidt are going in to find her. 

In Episode 2, your job is to give directions from Mission Control. We need to find Agent Crimson, and stop Professor BlackSheep in his tracks. We’re counting on you, agents - will you help?

Episode 2 of Print+Cut+Escape!, Alpha Brain System, will be released on 12th May. Check out our website for more details.