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clueQuest Celebrates International Joke Day

by Freya Carroll

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Last week was International Joke Day, and our clueQuest characters wanted to join in with the fun! Try to keep a straight face whilst reading these side splitters...

What do Mr and Mrs Q do when they (rarely!) disagree? They compro-mice!

How does the Professor begin every evil speech? Wool, wool, wool!

If MM7 became a superhero, what would his name be? Screen Saver!

Did you hear how much Kevin’s changed since he started working for the Professor? He’s really come out of his shell! 

Why did the clueQuest agent fall asleep on their mission? They were undercover! 

Alright, these are a bit silly, but maybe you can come up with something better! Book your room for a live escape experience and try your hand at making Mr Q laugh. You can find out more about our rooms here

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