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Stolen IQ
Enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home.

  • Recommended by industry leading reviewers
  • First in the world of at home escape gaming
  • Innovative style and gameplay
  • Paper-based puzzles
  • Interactive multimedia online game platform

Mission Brief

Making up more than a third of all Print+Cut+Escape missions sold, Stolen IQ has been highly sought after for a few reasons. First, it was our first, and a premier to the world of at home escape gaming when we all needed it most, during the early days of the pandemic. Secondly, it is highly rated and recommended by industry leading reviewers, such as Stolen IQ’s uptake affirmed its innovative style and gameplay made up by a healthy balance of paper-based puzzles and an interactive multimedia online game platform.


Your mission in Stolen IQ is to decode a series of secret messages from a compromised and imprisoned agent, Lisa Hammerschmidt. Together, you can stop the evil Professor Blacksheep in his tracks, rescuing the world’s top scientists he has kidnapped for dreams of world domination.

4/5 | 90 | 12+ | 24

Available versions

Print & Post | £25

  • Quality B&W print
  • Silk, 120gsm paper
  • Custom folder, FREE postage

Print @ Home | £15

  • Printable black and white PDF file
  • Optimised for printing
  • Instant e-delivery

How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home. Playing the game is easy. Simply print the file (or order the Print & Post version), cut out the puzzles and click on the secret link that we’ll send you!


Download and print the black & white PDF mission files at home. Or order the pre-printed version and we'll post it to you.


All you need are scissors. Cut out the game elements and group them by chapter.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.


Make the most of your purchase and buy it in a bundle.

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Trilogy Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Trilogy Bundle

  • Episode 1: Stolen IQ
  • Episode 2: Alpha Brain System
  • Episode 3: Humanity 2.0
Family Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Family Bundle

  • timeQuest
  • Stolen IQ
  • Falling Star
  • Perfect choice in case the whole family wants to have fun and play together.
Variety Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Variety Bundle

  • Mechanics of the Heart
  • Operation E.G.G.
  • Prison of Memories
  • Prepare yourself with the trainings to be able to beat the real challenge.
Everything Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Everything Bundle

  • The All In, 10 Games Bundle
  • Only £11 (Print@Home) / £16 (Print&Post) per game
  • Extensive experience for the most enthusiastic agents. Make a playathon with friends and family!

Rated by 1200+ players

Fun home game

A nice game - puzzles were either super simple to solve, or so complicated/not obvious that all the hints (or even the solution) was needed. A LOT of cutting needed (I played solo, so cut everything out alone) and my hand was cramping by the time I w... more

Great Rainy Day Activity

A really fun activity with an easy set up, the puzzles had a lot of variety and the story was easy to follow, however, it felt more like hardness level 3 than 4


Very good experience, great fun and challenging. The puzzles were just right and got your mind going.

excellent fun for family

Very good puzzles well coordinated with online videos. engaging for the entire family from ages 10 upwards.

Family Bonding Time

Enjoyed this first mission (print@home) immensely. It took my guys (hubby and three sons) almost 53 minutes to complete. A good time was had by all! I highly recommend this family activity.

Great fun!

The first two chapters were relatively easy. The last chapter took us for ever and we weren't able to finish it without a hint.

Happy family

Family Christmas present - everyone enjoyed solving the puzzles together on Christmas day. But we couldn't understand the 7 hexagon jigsaw pieces solution.

Could be harder with more interactive content

The puzzles were fairly easy and we've expected more interactive content. In the final puzzle the cutout letters seemed unnecessary, as one could just write the letters in the placeholders.

Lot of fun, well put together

Lots of fun, good puzzles, although one we misread slowed us up a bit. ;) highly recommend and can’t wait to play the next part…..

Fun afternoon!

A really fun way to spend an afternoon. Its nice to spend some time working together and not just looking at the TV or phone and fun to play at home without having to venture into the city!

Very Good and CQ is best

cQ is very good and fun to play with family or friends, cQ is the best! Hope that clueQuest can add part 4!

Accept This Mission

My first print + cut clueQuest and enjoyed every nanosecond of it. This was a bday gift for my wife and we are now both hooked. We are ready to play the next story in the series.

Fun with or without the kids

We've played a few of the later adventures with our kids, but did this one grownups only and had a good time.

Excellent Play at home puzzles :D

My partner and I started playing through these for Christmas. The puzzle were really good! would recommended!

Very good

Good puzzles. Lots of cutting out and I guess there have to be enough of these to create a significant range of options but many aren't used.

So much fun!

Really good fun playing this at home with the family. Tough enough clues to keep us occupied for 90 mins! Looking forward to the next one

Epic fun!

We've played a lot online/print and play escape games but this one is by far the best and most fun! Definitely going to order the other ones!

Nice to play

Printing out and cutting took more time than playing ;-)
Good clues when you're stuck.
Printe didn't all come out clear, difficult to solve some puzzles

Good time spend with a glass of wine and some mates!

My friend and I went to the escape room in London, and bought this off the back of it. Just completed the first room, great fun. My wifes first, and she really enjoyed it.

Our great escape!

We had a great time - loved the hands on puzzles and the variety of activities. Definitely up for the next installment!

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