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Today is Red Nose Day!

by clueQuest

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As you may already know, today is Red Nose Day. As part of Comic Relief on this day the media and many organisations dedicate their time and energy to fundraising and charity. This year we are participating in the Red Nose Day fundraising with our Mr Q Nose You campaign.

Mr.Q nose you comic relief campaign red nose day

During the day teams playing our escape games will be able to donate on the location by cash. We've also opened a Red Nose Day campaign online, so anyone can donate with your bank account. In order to support Comic Relief our teams today are welcome to take their photos wearing red noses if they would like to support charity. We'll post Red Nose team photos to facebook during the day so they're available for the whole world to share and spread the word about this awesome charity.

Professor Black Sheep red nose day at clueQuest