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Students Create Escape Room In School Cellar

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Students Create Escape Room In School Cellar

Inspired by a school trip to clueQuest, students from St Augustine’s Priory in Ealing have turned their school's cellar into a real life, fully immersive escape room for the last week of the summer term.

Students Create Escape Room In School Cellar - Team
After a visit to clueQuest in January 2017, Mr Michael Dellow, Head of ICT at St Augustine's Priory 'made big plans to get the girls code breaking and team building in a live environment.'

Since Friday the 7th of July, around one hundred senior school students and around fifteen staff members took part in the challenge over the course of five days.

'It has been such a great event and one that has really inspired our students in many ways. We have decided to run an annual event with a new format next year based around a phone hunt/diffusing a device or computer virus,' Mr Dellow told us when we got in touch.

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