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New HQ construction in progress

by clueQuest

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As you may or may not know we are building a brand new HQ at King's Cross, and as of 1st of March we'll close down our current headquarters at Liverpool Street. In other words, we are moving :). For anyone who's interested in what's going on behind the scenes of clueQuest, here's a sneak peek of the construction going on right now at King's Cross St. Pancras, where of course, all the works are being supervised by the mouse himself, Mr Q.

MrQ saying This is going to be the new Mission Control at the construction site of the new clueQuest HQ

At the moment we are making good progress. The teleportes are being installed, traps set up and world destroying red boxes armed. Of course mundane tasks are underway as well like painting walls or installing electricity into the rooms. At least if we have electricity we'll be able to use the teleporters, so it's all worth the hassle in the end.

A collage of mictures from the work in progress at the new clueQuest HQ construction site

We just can't wait to show you the awesome things we have in the works for the new headquarters. We'll keep you posted on the blog if anything comes up that isn't super-extra top secret so we can share it. See you on the 9th or March at King's Cross!

Mr Q's shadow is on the floow at the neq headquarters construction site

Mysterious Mr Q.