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Mr Q and the Quest for a Better World

by clueQuest

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In summer 2014, we received a raffle donation request from Kate Johnston, Project Developer for Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd.

'clueQuest was recommended to me by friends and I feel vouchers for it would be a very popular raffle prize, as it is something different to the norm!', Kate wrote to us.

At their recently held silent auction, our clueQuest live escape game voucher for a team of five went for £160. The company had 9 prizes on offer and raised a total of £1180.50.

Lightsource are UK's leading solar energy company and they have an ongoing partnership with World Vision - the world's largest international children's charity - to raise funds for a community called Koh Krolor in Cambodia.

Causes World Vision

The money raised through the raffle prizes will help support this rural community which has poor access to the basic needs by helping to grow their farming and business, improve health and hygiene with specific focus on child health, and provide education in general subjcts and finance management. The Koh Krolor Area Development Programme will run until 2022.

If you believe that a live escape game experience will make a good raffle prize for your charity event, then please contact us at and tell us a bit about your charity work. Mr Q is always up for saving the world and he loves supporting his agents. :)