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Meet the Team | Agent Sahin

by Louis Cammell

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For Sahin, working at clueQuest has opened his eyes to a world beyond that of just the company, but of high-octane escape missions across the nation. He’s managed to average more than one mission a month - at clueQuest and elsewhere - since joining us, and the practice is clearly paying off. Not only have his initial nerves completely subsided; he also proudly holds the honour of being this year’s Easter Egg Hunt champion.

Hi Sahin. Let’s kick off with how long you’ve worked here now.

I have been working at clueQuest for almost a year now (9 months).

There doesn’t seem to be much of a guidebook for those wanting to work in escape rooms. How did you know it was right for you, and that you’d be able to do it?

I had never done an escape room before I entered clueQuest. However, I was excited during my first game. Once I entered Operation Blacksheep I immediately found myself immersed in the storyline and the room (I would definitely recommend this room for beginners). Throughout the whole mission I was enjoying myself and found the puzzles challenging and extremely fun. Now I’ve done ten escape rooms in total and find them amazing. I didn’t know how working in an escape room and running games would be but I was excited to embrace it and learn about the process. Luckily, I was quickly welcomed by the team and trained up on how everything worked. The first few games I ran, I was really nervous, but as time went on I was much more comfortable and found myself really enjoying interacting with different types of teams and I knew that this place was both right for me and I would enjoy working here.

What’s been your proudest moment at clueQuest?

Definitely winning our annual Easter egg hunt.

What’s the funniest or most embarrassing thing you’ve witnessed from a team?

A team of friends had come in for one of our games at 9 in the morning and they had been out with a company party the night before. I had one of the members of the team lie down and sleep in the room for 45 minutes. She was in the same position and did not move for the entirety of the game. Her team members were stepping over her while they were solving the puzzles! What made it even funnier was that she was the head of communications for her team so when i asked if everything was okay she replied, ‘Yes just resting my eyes, ignore me.’ 

Ha, that’s amazing. I won’t be counting on them to stop Professor Blacksheepfrom blowing up the place. If he did, what would you miss most?

Seeing Mr Q’s beautiful face literally all over the building. 

Thanks Sahin. Just lastly, is there anything you feel you’ve learnt from this job, that you’ll remember for years to come?

This job has definitely taught me a lot about customer service and customer experience. It has showed me how to interact with different types of teams ranging from kids teams to corporate teams.