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Meet the Team | Agent Jonnie

by Louis Cammell

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Jonnie joined us fresh from the stage, having recently finished a period of appearing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock. An actor by trade, he fell in love with clueQuest when he first came to play as a customer. These days it’s not just the flexibility of the job that’s appealing, but also that feeling of passing on an experience which he found to be so personal and rewarding. Like all our agents, Jonnie’s a busy man, but he was kind enough to oblige me to the following chat.

Hey Jonnie. For how long have you been working at clueQuest?

I’ve been at clueQuest for 3 months now.


There doesn’t seem to be much of a guidebook for those wanting to work in escape rooms. How did you know it was right for you, and that you’d be able to do it?

I had come to clueQuest as a customer before I worked here and had a great time doing all three missions. We were made team of the week each time! I knew that I’d enjoy giving a customer the same experience I had because I had such a great time.


I understand you’ve managed to do just that, isn’t that right? Tell me about your proudest moment in the role.

My proudest moments in my three months here have been the two no clue teams I’ve had. It’s a strange experience as you can’t step in, but it’s very cool to watch a team escape by working so brilliantly together that I don’t need to help!


In your short time here, have you witnessed anything embarrassing from the teams?

The most embarrassing moment for me has to be when a family had a full-blown argument and had forgotten that I could see and hear everything...


If Professor Blacksheep blew up the place tomorrow, what would you miss the most about it?

I’d probably miss what we call ‘coffee fairy’. It’s our weekly haul of snacks at the end of the week that staff take in turns to select. It’s always fun to see what other people are going to bring in for everyone. Oh, and of course all the amazing times we share with customers!


Cheers Jonnie. Finally, is there anything you feel you’ve learnt from this job, that you’ll remember for years to come?

I’ll always remember the codes for the padlocks and safes… So many numbers!!