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Meet the Team | Agent Jon

by Louis Cammell

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One of Mr Q’s newest recruits, Jon has already made a positive impact to the clueQuest atmosphere. His theatre background comes through in his professional yet instantly comforting way with customers. He claims to make a cracking cup of tea, so we called his bluff and asked him a few questions about life at clueQuest while they brewed.

Let’s start with an easy one, Jon. For how long have you been working at clueQuest?

I’m still fairly new to the ClueQuest family, having been here less than a month. Although I haven’t been here long, I’m already having the time of my life and love being part of ClueQuest.


There doesn’t seem to be much of a guidebook for those wanting to work in escape rooms. How did you know it was right for you, and that you’d be able to do it?

I had a friend I trained at drama school with who worked here who couldn’t speak highly enough of the place. He was also somewhat of an Escape Room enthusiast, I have to admit that prior to experiencing ClueQuest I hadn’t ever really felt the desire to willingly be locked into an unknown room. The interview process here means, of course, escaping from one of our rooms, the moment we escaped (with a mere five minutes left on the clock!) the feeling was electric, I knew this was the place for me. Having worked previously at the London Dungeon I knew I could handle large groups of people and the improvised style of communication this job requires. I was a tad apprehensive about learning how each room works and remembering all the different secrets and codes that make ClueQuest unique - but the team here are so supportive that any worries I may have had have well and truly vanished.


What’s been your proudest moment at clueQuest?

Although every team and their approach to the escape is different, you can’t help but feel emotionally invested in each game, as a GamesMaker we share the experience with the team. You feel the excitement and drive to get out in time and feel their elation when they successfully complete a puzzle or escape. Regardless of whether or not your team has escaped, It’s the greatest feeling when they leave the room with huge smiles on their faces. You know they’ve had a really unique and fun experience and you can’t help but feel proud of being part of that.


Let’s contrast that then. What’s the most embarrassing you’ve witnessed from a team?

A couple seemed to forget that I watch and guide them through the entire process. So instead of attempting to escape, they decided to simply stand in the middle of the room and have a rather passionate make-out session. It took a rather awkward radio call to remind them that they were being watched…


If Professor Blacksheep blew up the place tomorrow, what would you miss the most about it?

Probably the staff kettle, I make a cracking cup of tea (if I do say so myself…)