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Meet the Team | Agent Hannah

by Louis Cammell

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With almost a year under her belt, Hannah’s love of stories is what keeps her enamored with Mr Q’s super-secret spy training facility. Being surrounded by fellow actors, comedians and performers is not something she takes for granted. Rather, she considers her colleagues friends for life. Never one to break character, she modestly chalks her newfound adaptability down to Mr Q, but it’s clear that it’s the result of hours of commitment. Our conversation ranged from her initial thoughts upon arrival at clueQuest to her most hilarious customer anecdote. 

Hi Hannah. For how long have you been working at clueQuest? 

Almost a year - 11 months to be exact!


There isn’t much about working at an escape room online. How did you know it would suit your personality and skill set?

I knew it was right for me when I came to my interview. The place was filled with wonderful, creative people who loved to tell a story, and as an actress storytelling is one of my main passions. I also love comedy, and loved how my GamesMaker made my interview game interactive and hilarious!


Do you have a proudest moment here yet?

Every time a team leaves me a lovely review on tripadvisor! It makes me really proud to know that they’ve had a great experience with us and that having me as their GamesMaker has brightened up their day.


And what about the funniest thing you’ve witnessed from a team?

I’ve seen MANY things in my time here… but there is one that really stands out to me and I will always remember. A team of adults and one child were playing Operation Blacksheep, and the child managed to find a safe inside the room. She then announced, deadly serious, to her adult companions, “Guys! We have to put something inside this microwave!” I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time - I made them my team of the week and dubbed them ‘Team Microwave’ which they took in good humour!


If Professor Blacksheep blew up the place tomorrow, what would you miss the most about it?

The people! My colleagues are the best part of this job. Whether it’s running a double game and helping each other reset [the rooms], or just having a chat about your day over a cup of tea, I absolutely know I’ve made some solid friends for life working at clueQuest.


Is there anything you feel you’ve learnt from this job, that you’ll remember for years to come?

I’ve definitely learned how to adapt to a situation at short notice. [Whether] someone is ill and you have to run two games at once, or if you find out that one of your team members has played the room before and you want to switch them to a different game, working for Mr. Q has definitely taught me to be flexible to change. But he’s also taught me that I can lean on anyone at clueQuest for help when it’s needed - sometimes spies need a break too! (He’s taught me some excellent secret spy techniques too, but that’s classified information…)