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How To Put The 'Team' Into 'Team Building'

by clueQuest

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Twice a year we gear up and we get our game on. From epic paintball or archery tag battles to go-kart racing and gourmet pizza making classes, the clueQuest team have tried almost every fun group activity out there. So many, in fact, that we're running out of ideas!

That is why we need your help. Recommend a fun activity (that we've never tried) for our next team building and if we pick your suggestion, you get a company team building on us*.

To enter, simply suggest a new fun activity for our team in the comment section - it could be anything from a 1 h long activity to a full day adventure, as long the budget does not jump above £50 pp. So far we have done:


Treasure hunts (in-house designed, Raiders of the Lost Archives, Agent November, A Door In A Wall)

Escape rooms







We will collect all your suggestions then ask our game hosts to vote for their favourite.



*For up to three teams of 5 (15 players).