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Escape the Classroom | Planning your school trip just got easier

by Louis Cammell

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We love a school trip here at clueQuest. After all, there’s nothing more life-affirming than seeing people, young or old, bettering themselves with education. Mr Q certainly likes to see it too. The way he sees it, more sharp minds out there makes for a wider pool of potential agents to recruit. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to streamline the process for teachers and school administrators, with changes to both our website and pricing. Below is everything you need to know.

Why should I plan a trip to clueQuest?

There are two questions to unpack here, really. The first being, ‘why should I plan a trip to an escape room?’, followed by ‘Why should clueQuest be that escape room?’. Fortunately for us, we have the answers. It’s almost as if we wrote the question ourselves or something, but let us assure you, it’s down to our rigorous spy training. Let’s start with that first one: why an escape room?


Well, they’re a perfect blend of what we feel a school trip should be: education and fun. While they may not be museums or lecture halls, escape rooms encourage the development of key skills by way of their puzzles and layout. Logical and methodical thinking, for example, can never be over-reinforced. If you’re a teacher, we’re sure you know this already, but their value lies in that they are traits that are independent from knowledge. A comprehensive mental list of all of the cities in the Ukraine is impressive, but we doubt very much that it’ll get you out of many a jam. Being able to take what’s in front of you, however, and follow it to its logical conclusion; that’s invaluable. Our staff can attest to the visible confidence boost in these areas that people have while playing, having had to rely almost purely on them during their sixty minutes inside.


So now, on to question two: why clueQuest? Well, first of all we are not a panic room. While we know some other escape games specialize in gore and scares, our venue aims to encourage inquisitiveness in a vibrant and safe environment. Second to that, and perhaps most important, is our capacity. With four missions across a total of 11 rooms, we have the ability to accommodate a maximum of 66 players in any one time slot; perfect for large or multiple classes at once. Replicas also add a competitive aspect to the experience. While each team is on their own timer, scorecards let them compare their times afterwards.

I want to plan a trip. What should I do?


As you’re reading our blog, we’re going to go ahead and presume you know what’s on offer at clueQuest in general. If we’re wrong, then we suggest taking a cursory look around our website in general to get accustomed to what an escape room is, what we offer and what’s right for you. But for the rest of you, our school trips page is just a click away.


Once you’re on the page, our handy buttons will take you to the information most appropriate for the age-group which best suits your students. These are split into three options: year 5-8; year 9-11; and year 12-13. Your choice won’t impact the package itself, but we want your experience to feel as personal as possible.


Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Hmmm. We hope that won’t be the case, but we have two options (there’s a pattern emerging here, isn’t there?). Our downloadable School Trips Info pack should equip you with all of the things you need, including a rundown of our fire policy, supervision requirements and staff training. Right beside that you’ll also find a download link for our risk assessment. Otherwise your other option is to scroll right down to our contact form at the bottom of the page. Fill it in as much detail as possible, and leave any questions in the ‘additional info’ field. The relevant member of staff will then pick it up and get back to you in no time!


Once again, follow this link to our school trips webpage to get started!