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Escape Rooms and Accessibility

by clueQuest

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If you are looking for accessible experiences, then London has some really good options. Most theatres, cinemas and popular attractions such as London Eye, London Dungeon or Madame Tussaud’s offer accessible facilities to wheelchair users. But these experiences are often either expensive, overcrowded or both. If you have already crossed these off your list then it might be worth trying out something new, fun and... quirky.

Escaping a locked room using only one’s wit and teamwork skills has recently become one of the capital’s most recommended activities for team building and fun. With their fully immersive themes, quirky storylines and impressive props, escape rooms have won the hearts of many who are now sworn enthusiasts. But what makes them a good option to other accessible activities out there?

1. Plenty to Choose from

It is safe to say that there are many escape room providers in London at the moment, each with various levels of accessibility. For wheelchair users and team members with hearing loss, there are at least four viable options: Secret Studio, Time Run, Agent November and yours truly, clueQuest.

While we still recommend getting in touch with the aforementioned businesses to check for details, we are happy to confirm that all four of our missions at King's Cross are wheelchair accessible. Not only that, but two of our rooms, Operation Blacksheep and PLAN52 are suitable for team members with hearing loss!

2. No Queueing

​Most of London's escape rooms can be pre-booked online, hassle-free, and once the booking is confirmed, all you need to do is show up on time for your briefing and the game - no queuing required! :)

Although some venues might ask you to be present on the dot in order to be allowed inside, others have generous waiting areas that can also accommodate teams who turn up too early for their slot. Before booking an escape game as a wheelchair user, it is also worth researching the venue's waiting area capacity.

3. Affordable Prices

Most London group activities come with a spicy price tag, but escape rooms are one of the few activities you can try with with friends that offer good value for your pocket. At clueQuest, we often have promotions running that will score you a free piece of merchandise, or give you a discount on a room! Why not sign up for our newsletter in order to keep up to date?

About clueQuest

clueQuest is a family run business founded in 2013. Since we started our operation, over 180,000 customers have played our games.

At clueQuest we believe in the power of teamwork… and laser beams. With every new escape room or experience, we try to create an immersive, fun and accessible environment for teams of all shapes, sizes and generations to enjoy.

If you have any special requirements when booking a game with us, let us know by ticking the designated box before Checkout, or simply get in touch. We hope to welcome you soon at our venue! :)