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Don't Panic wrote an article about clueQuest

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The guys from Don't Panic took the clueQuest challenge not so long ago and they liked it so much that they wrote this awesome article about us. Now we have enough praising quotes to fill three movie posters: "the game lived up to the hype and it's own success comes as no great shock to us", " we still snatch at any opportunity to tell people about the game" and "London's sickest new tourist attraction 'clueQuest'". Check out the full article following this link.

Mr Q versus Professor BlackSheep from clueQuest are on this leaflet from Don't Panic!

In other news, Mr Q and Professor BlackSheep make an appearance in this month's Don't Panic handout. We'll have around 200 copies in the waiting area for a while, so don't forget to grab one next time you're on a mission at clueQuest. Or you could just go treasure hunting throughout London for a copy of this rarity.