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clueQuest in the News | Editor's Choice Award

by Louis Cammell

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MoMath, Jack london Park, and now clueQuest. These are the latest venues to receive the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award from; an online news outlet created specifically to help daters improve their love lives in interesting and unique ways.

We’re delighted to have received the award, which involved an interview with our very own Content Manager, Louis Cammell, who incidentally is writing this very sentence, and referring to himself in third person. Perhaps that’s a rather grandiose thing to do, but he’s hoping it’ll detract from the fact that he’s vainly endorsing an interview that I ga - I mean, he gave…

‘Couples flock to clueQuest for a unique date experience, but they often leave with much more. That’s because it doesn’t take much time to figure out the communication dynamic and rapport you have with someone when you’re stuck in a room together’, writes editor-in-chief Hayley Matthews. And she’s right. There’s no sugar-coating an instruction or meandering around your point when you’re rushing to escape a room with a big, red, flashing timer above your head. Guards come down at clueQuest, and from honesty comes genuine connection.

The article goes on to display Matthews’s clear understanding of our company mission, about which we’re thrilled. ‘As the escape room trend continues to spread throughout the world, clueQuest has an even more ambitious goal in mind: get people out from behind their screens and into meaningful interactions in their daily lives’, she writes. ‘That’s why the clueQuest team has been working hard to improve and expand.’

Hayley did also manage to squeeze a small scoop out of us (Are we mixing our metaphors there? Oh, who cares?) as the article is the first to make mention of our upcoming summer plans: our Q Trail. What is it, we hear you ask? Well, we can’t tell you too much right now, other than it takes what we do best and transposes many elements to the outdoors. Perhaps though, if you follow the link to the original article, you can find out a little more…

Thanks again to Hayley Matthews of Access the full article by clicking right here.