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clueQuest 2022 Limerick Contest Winners

by Freya Carroll

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In honour of National Limerick Day on May 23rd, we at clueQuest have been running a special mission to come up with a limerick celebrating Mr Q and all that he does. We received submissions behind the scenes and through comments on our socials, and we’re delighted to be able to announce the runners up and the winner!


There once was a mouse from clueQuest,

Who thought that his team was the best.

But when that slime-ball Kevin

Puts down my boi MM7,

His staffing must be addressed.

By Alex Field



Mr Q asked me to write a limerick

But the thought really makes me quite sick

For a poet I’m not

This has all gone to pot

But at least I managed to do it quick.

By Danni Miller



Not all superheroes wear a cape

And you don't have to be in good shape,

Help Mr Q get some sleep

And fight Professor Blacksheep,

Quick, go play Print+cut+escape!

By Kirsten Ashman


Congratulations, Kirsten, you’ve won a £25 voucher for one of our Print+Cut+Escape games! Thank you to all our entrants for your hard work!