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cQ Assessment Programme

What is clueQuest?

clueQuest is a live escape the room challenge in which participating teams have 60 minutes to escape from a locked environment using teamwork, communication and logic to gather clues and solve their way out.

With over 150,000 customers having experienced our missions, we are currently UK's favourite live escape game according to TripAdvisor.

Although our escape rooms are usually a popular choice for company team buildings, some of our clients have already experienced the benefits of using escape rooms as part of their recruitment process, while others are just discovering the potential of this new assessment tool.

Why CAP?

The clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP) is a new product developed by clueQuest Ltd in collaboration with talent specialists. Our aim is to complement existing recruitment assessment techniques through gamified real time assessment.

CAP combines real-life, immersive escape room games with recruitment expertise to ensure that talent acquisition and retention is more personal, fun, engaging and effective than most traditional recruitment procedures.

How it works

Whilst deeply immersed in the challenge, candidates detach themselves from the feeling of being ‘measured’. This allows you to directly observe your team’s soft skills at work in an applied scenario via a live stream. You can also listen in on their comments and take notes.

Each game is designed to challenge and assess skills such as:


Communication Trust

Problem solving

Outside-of-the-box thinking Performance under pressure
Active attention Concentration and mindfulness


Decision making Delegating
Initiative Being accepted by others


Respecting frameworks
Following rules

You will have the opportunity to observe and evaluate existing work group dynamics, internal candidates, or assess new talent as part of your recruitment process.

What we offer

Large group capacity

Whether you are looking to book in your whole department or just a small team for an assessment session, we currently offer three missions: PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep and Revenge of the Sheep, spread across 9 rooms as follows:


4 x Identical Units

Operation BlackSheep

3 x Identical Units

Revenge of the Sheep

2 x Identical Units

Each unit is designed for teams of 3 - 5 players. This setup offers our corporate clients the opportunity to book in groups of up to 54 players per time slot. Private meeting rooms will also be available from 2018.

Competitive Rates


One assessor can observe a team’s gameplay from Mission Control with basic commentary on team members’ performance from an experienced game host and a pre-game walkthrough of the escape unit.


Up to three assessors can observe a team’s gameplay from Mission Control with commentary on team members’ performance and advice on what competencies can be assessed through our games.


Up to five assessors can observe a team’s gameplay from a private control room with commentary on team members’ performance from an experienced game host and with support using the exclusively developed cQ HR assessment sheet.
From 2018
All prices are inclusive of VAT.


No matter the size of your assessment group, we guarantee that we will work with you to create the perfect assessment experience for your team(s). Clients who have already used our escape rooms for assessment days have reported outstanding feedback from staff and candidates.

HR Support

We have partnered with PSI a&dc, leaders in behavioural assessment and development, to bring you scoring and assessment sheets tailored to your needs. Upon request, we can also provide you with additional HR support should you require more assessors to be present for the Advanced and Premium packages.


  • Enhance your candidates’ experience
  • Improve your employer branding
  • Innovate your recruitment strategy

How to book

Browse our live availability and select the desired time slot and missions, add them to your cart and then checkout. For a step-by-step guide on how to book, please check our F.A.Q.

To learn more about CAP, please sign up using the form below or simply download the CAP brochure.

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