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Our vision is to build inspired teams by encouraging them to fulfil their potential through creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.

How it works


We discuss your development objectives so we can help you put together the perfect schedule for the day.


The mission encourages a high level of focus and energy from all involved allowing them to perform at their best together.


Once the challenge is completed, we provide team feedback and training based on performance in the rooms.

The method in our madness

How can CAP help the learning and development of my team?

Using our escape rooms as a proxy for work-based challenges, we provide specific training that is based on performance in the rooms.

We focus on areas such as team efficiency, decision making and creative thinking.

Why an escape room?

Escape rooms provide a microcosm of the workplace, complete with a shared goal, unexpected obstacles and tight deadlines.

This allows teams to deepen their level of trust with each other and build upon their interpersonal and soft skills.

How do you assess in your escape room?

Our feedback is based upon our own high performance team framework, which is the result of having observed thousands of teams and their characteristics in relation to their success.

Our trained assessors observe your team’s body language, tone of voice, mannerisms and posture in our Mission Control through a live CCTV and audio feed. This gives a detailed insight into how the individuals approach tasks and interact with teammates. This allows us to give specific and bespoke feedback and training based on your team’s performance.

What can you observe in an escape room?


Team dynamics within an immersive set-up


Responsiveness to in-game comments and engagement with each other


Team reactions to novel time-constrained situations


Critical thinking and creative solutions in real time


Team delegation, organisation, and people management within a group as it emerges

Companies we've
worked with

No one size fits all, we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions for those wish to innovate their learning and development strategy.

Thomas International
Islington Council
Dentsu Aegis
English Institute of Sport


WhatTeam Development HALF dayTeam Development dayCAP 360Observer
Escape game
Team assessement
Individual assessement
Assessment report
Profiling with Emergenetics
Verbal Team feedback
Verbal Individual feedback
Access to Mission Control
Total time4,5 hours7 hours7 hours1 hour
Prices£145 pp£195 pp£520 pp*£100 per observer

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

*price calculated based on a team of 10

Meet the team

Eszter Lantos

Eszter Lantos

clueQuest Assessment Programme Lead

Eszter is an LPI accredited, CIPD trained HR professional with over 6 years in the field. She has built CAP from the ground up. Click her photo to find out more.

Lindsey Depledge

Lindsey Depledge

Behavioural Assessment Programme Manager

Lindsey possesses an MSc in Economic Psychology from LSE. Her research explores the intersection between human behaviour and escape rooms. We were so impressed, we just had to snap her up.

Alex Field

Alex Field

Behavioural Assessment Programme Analyst

A Mathematics graduate, Alex has a head for numbers. Pair that with a love for escape rooms and a wealth of experience in a front-of-house role, and his involvement is a no-brainer.

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CAP is for companies who want to invest in their people, helping them develop their skills in a unique and fun way.

Your team enters one of our immersive escape room missions, which provides them with a common goal. While they are playing, our assessors observe from behind the scenes.Once the challenge is completed, we provide team feedback and training based on performance in the rooms.

Each game is designed to challenge and assess attitudes and behaviours (e.g. initiative, patience, attention to detail etc). We measure team efficiency through our high performance team framework.

We can recommend the best fit based on dicussions about your goals and objectives.

An escape room mission typically takes 60 minutes, which will be followed by either half-day or full-day training.

Depending on what you have in mind, we can tailor the mission to fit your business. For more information, please get in touch.

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