Escape To Budapest: The Capital of Escape Rooms

Terms & Conditions

SECTION 1: General competition rules (valid for all teams)

SECTION 2: Claiming prizes


General competition rules

The following rules (“Rules”) together with clueQuest Ltd ("clueQuest") general and competition terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) (which can be found at apply to the ‘Escape To Budapest: The Capital of Escape Rooms Competition’ ("the Competition") which will run from 5:00 pm on 10th August 2018 until 11:59 pm on 30th September 2018 (“the Duration”).

Any team members who enter the Competition (the “Entrants”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.


You must be over 18 and a U.K. resident in order to book one of our Missions or Mr Q’s TrAIL. However, teams with younger member can still enter the Competition as long as there is at least one adult on their team.

Teams and individuals who have already played PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep or Revenge of the Sheep can not compete in the same Mission. If you have already played all of our Missions but wish to enter the Competition, please book and play Mr Q’s TrAIL.

The Competition is not open to current of former employees of clueQuest, their media partners or family members or anyone else connected to the Competition.

Competition details

To be entered in the Competition, Entrants must book and play an escape room (“Mission”) or Mr Q’s TrAIL (the “Outdoor Quest”) via our website (the “Website”) between 5:00 pm on 10th August 2018 (the “Opening Time”) and 11:59 pm on 30th September 2018 (the “Closing Time”).

The Competition will run in two phases:

Phase 1: Qualification for the Final Showdown (10th August - 26th September)

Teams must book online and complete any of our available missions or Mr Q's TrAIL (recommended if you have already played all missions) in a record time to rank high on the leaderboard.

Please use code COMPETITION in the Voucher/Promo code section before finalizing your booking. You can also inform Game Hosts on site that you wish to enter the challenge.

Once a team confirm their entry (i.e. sign-ups for the competition online or onsite), they will not be able to change their team code name or add more members to their team (e.g. a team of 3 upgrading to a team of 4).

Multiple entries are possible and teams can book and play the Missions and Mr Q’s TrAIL in any combination. However, only their best time will be considered.

Teams who will compete in our Missions will be ranked on the leaderboard based on their remaining time left from the original 60 minutes and the amount of help (clues and radios) received.

Teams who will compete in Mr Q’s TrAIL will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the amount of time they completed the quest in (this will be recorded via the game’s platform) and the amount of help used.

Teams who receive the least amount of help will rank higher than teams who get a better time - this applies to both teams who play one of our Missions or teams who play the Outdoor Quest. For example, if a team completes a Mission with 12 minutes remaining and no help, then they will rank higher than a team who completes the same Mission with 15 minutes remaining but one instance of help.

Please do not cheat. We created the Competition for those who love escape rooms and outdoor quests. Entrants are expected to be on their best behaviour while playing our games (e.g. not trying to hack padlocks in the escape rooms) and interacting with others (e.g. not removing clues from the Outdoor Quest trail). Failure to follow these rules will result in your team being disqualified.

After Phase 1 of the Competition closes, team results will be displayed at 8:00 pm on the 26th of September on the official competition page.

Phase 2: The Final Showdown (28th August - 30th September)

Top 5 best teams from each Mission (PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep, Revenge of the Sheep) and the Outdoor Quest will compete in cQ:ORIGENES (the “New mission”) for a chance to win a team escape to Budapest.

The top 5 teams from each Mission and the Outdoor Quest will be invited for Phase 2 and required to confirm their attendance. Qualifying teams will be given a choice of time slots for the interval 28th - 30th September and scheduled in on a first come first served basis. If the Entrants fail to choose a slot and confirm their attendance within 24 h of the announcement, the team with the first place runner up will be invited in their place.

If a team decide to drop-out or they inform us that none of their team members can attend Phase 2, then their qualification will be forfeited and clueQuest shall be entitled to replace them with another team. Our decision is final.

In the event of team members dropping out, remaining members from the original team can still attend the Final Showdown, provided that they can form of team of at least two people. It is also at their discretion to decide whether to replace or not the team members who could not be present.

The winning team may be required for promotional activity.

Details of the winning team (e.g. team code name, team photo, videos of gameplay or interviews) will be published on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and our blog.


Claiming prizes

The Grand Prize consists of a two night trip to Budapest for a team of up to six people, staying at a central AirBnB accommodation with a choice of two escape room experiences at Budapest’s top escape room providers and a dinner at Menza, one of the capital’s most iconic restaurants.

There are are also 40 escape room vouchers for a team of six to be won (worth £180 each) for all teams who finish in the Top 10, along with over 300 clueQuest goodybags (worth £10 each) for all teams who finish in the Top 20. Vouchers will be emailed and goodybags will be posted after the Closing date.

The prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or other prizes.

Grand prize details

The prize must be booked between the 30th of September 2018 and the 31st of January 2019.

All prize elements must be redeemed at the same time.

The winning team are responsible for all expenses and arrangements not specifically included in the prize.

We require the winning team’s names, contact numbers, postal addresses & emails to facilitate the prize.

Flights & Accommodation

Transportation of Passengers and Baggage on flights operated by Wizz Air Hungary Ltd ("Wizz Air") are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Wizz Air's Contract of Carriage, in addition to any terms and conditions printed on or in any ticket, ticket jacket or e-ticket receipt. By purchasing a ticket or accepting transportation, the passengers agree to be bound thereby. Incorporated terms may include, but are not limited to:

  • Limits on liability for delay, damage or loss of baggage, including fragile or perishable goods.
  • Claims restrictions, including time periods within which a passenger must file a claim or bring an action against Wizz Air.
  • Wizz Air’s rights to change terms of the Contract of Carriage.
  • Rules on confirmation of reservations, check-in times and refusal to carry.
  • Wizz Air’s rights and limits on liability for delay or failure to perform service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternate air carrier or aircraft, and rerouting.

No additional costs or charges related to your flight are included (i.e. purchasing extra luggage).

clueQuest will be responsible for transfers to and from the departing and destination airport. Please note, however, that travel expenses to and from Luton Airport will not be covered if a team member’s postcode is outside of London; in this case, the team member will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements.

The winners must ensure that they have the correct travel documentation. Such travel documentation is at the sole expense of each team member. Failure to have the necessary travel documentation will result in the team member forfeiting their prize.

Whilst we will do all we can to book your trip on your preferred dates, this is not always possible and we ask that you provide three options as soon as possible after the competition and at least four weeks’ notice to make a booking.

The two-night stay for six in Budapest is in an AirBnB accommodation. All other meals and incidentals (excluding WiFi) are to be paid for by the winners.

The two-night stay in Budapest is based on availability and blackout dates (i.e. Bank holiday dates etc) will apply.

Once travel and accommodation have been booked, the prize cannot be amended.

The content of the prize may be subject to change and/or substituted by clueQuest with a prize of equal or greater value.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change the date and substitute with another date.