Print+Cut+Escape - Halloween Edition Escape Game  London


Survival Escape Training

Around this time of the year we get numerous reports of Halloween horrors terrorizing neighborhoods across the world. That’s why we have developed this emergency training course for all field agents - including you!
By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll be well prepared to survive whatever Halloween might throw at you!

Up to the challenge?
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How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape room experience with your family and friends in your living room or over zoom. Playing the game is as easy as it sounds. Simply print the file, cut out the puzzles and play!


Download the black and white PDF Mission Files and print them out at home. Or order the colour pre-printed version.


Get your scissors handy! Follow the instructions to cut out the puzzles.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.

Print & Post  London

Print & Post

Quality print with rich colours
Smooth, 120gsm paper
Custom folder, free postage
Print @ Home  London

Print @ Home

Black and white
Optimised for printing

Mission Brief

Take the tests and learn how to deal with a whole host of spooky surprises - including cunning vampires hiding among us, mad scientists with their creepy creations, and hungry zombies out for your brains!

Survive This Halloween

Take our Survival Training course and learn how to deal with a whole host of Halloween horrors...


Our missions

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Rated by 784+ players

We have really enjoyed this series. It has provided an excellent distraction throughout lockdown - so thank you for the hard work you have put in to designing and delivering the escape experiences.

These are so cleverly created and executed. We have thoroughly enjoyed them and are excited for the next. Would love an insight into how you created them.

Thank you very much for providing great entertainment during these strange times!