Secret Agents, Assemble!

There are amazing prizes to be won this Autumn, including an all expenses paid team trip to Budapest: The European Capital of Escape Rooms! Assemble your escape dream team and join the challenge between 10th August - 30th September. T&C's apply .

1 x Team Trip to Budapest

Make it to the final showdown in our new mission (yes, we have a new mission!) and you could win a two night team trip to Budapest with flights, accommodation and a choice of two escape room experiences at Budapest’s top venues.

40 x clueQuest Team Vouchers

All teams in the Top 10 will automatically win one of our clueQuest team experience vouchers, worth £180 each. Voucher T&C's apply .

300+ clueQuest Goodybags

Whether or not you make it to the final showdown, we have over 300 branded goodybags to give away to each member who is part of a Top 20 team (in either PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep, Revenge of the Sheep or Mr Q's TrAIL ).

Prize Distribution

Team rankings* New mission showdown Escape room voucher** Goodybags***
1 - 5
6 - 10
* For PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep, Revenge of the Sheep, Mr Q's TrAIL
** one per team
*** one per team member

Use the code COMPETITION before Checkout to enter your team in the challenge.

Team Leaderboards

Team Name Time Left (MM:SS)
1. Team Q 17:52
2. Laura Wasn't A Liability 09:18
3. No help needed 07:48
4. Shiri S. 07:41
5. Lucky Lythalls 07:30
6. M.O.U.T.H.F.E.E.L. 06:30
7. Petar 05:45
8. Who knows binary 05:09
9. Team Cluedo 04:46
10. Kamel M. (Team 1) 04:12
11. Gulf View Crew 04:08
12. Team Hjemme 02:52
13. Agatha 02:29
14. Microstructure 00:26
15. Team Amber 00:11:00
16. Across the piece 00:01:00
17. Penos 00:01:00
18. Canada 00:01:00
19. Kamel M. (Team 2) 00:00:00
Team Name Time Left (MM:SS)
1. Team Potato 12:17
2. Team Token 09:28
3. Resolut I 07:59
4. The Chiltern Rangers 06:40
5. Pearson 4 lyf 05:58
6. Squaaaaaaa 05:16
7. Cheddar Beware 04:55
8. LINSTEVE 04:20
9. NeldroidAndTheMule 03:49
10. Team sanspants 03:37
11. Toight 03:36
12. GREG 03:23
13. Team we're like this! 03:06
14. Anna P. 03:05
15. Mouse in sheep's clothing 00:11
16. Naravane 00:01
17. Mission control 00:01
Team Name Time Left (MM:SS)
1. Mutton Birds 07:22
2. Fast like cup noodles! 07:05
3. No Help Needed 01:58
4. The Explorers 01:34
5. JAM 01:05
6. CH3353 01:03
7. The globetrotters 00:59
8. Darren's Angels 00:53
9. Resolut II 00:35
10. The Filter Tips 00:00
11. Golden Cheese 00:00
12. Ibl 00:00
13. KEMOS 00:00
14. Lollllllll 00:00
Team Name Total Time (HH:MM:SS)
1. Cheeky Hunts 01:02:23
2. Sopio 01:05:08
3. The Mouseketeers 01:09:19
4. Completely Clueless 01:12:51
5. Team Q? 01:19:48
6. Team Name Pending 01:21:13
7. Team FOMO 01:33:40
8. Clueless 01:43:43
9. Slomo Rebels 01:45:48
10. Five Minutes Faster 01:55:10
11. SuperMario Bros 01:58:52
12. The three winos 02:08:31
13. FM Super Ladies 02:10:07
Team Name Time Left (MM:SS)
1. Sopio 05:04
2. Cheeky Hunts 02:41
3. Mutton Birds 02:00
4. Resolut I 01:03
5. Team Q (F. Castell) 00:23
6. Completely Clueless 02:02
7. Pearson 4 lyf 01:37
8. busapes 01:28
9. Team name pending 01:22
10. No Help Needed 01:00
11. The Mouseketeers 00:46
12. The Explorers 00:01
13. Laura Wasn't A Liability 00:00
12. Lucky Lythalls 00:01

How to win


Book any of our three missions or Mr Q's TrAIL:

Use code COMPETITION before checkout and play a clueQuest experience before 26th September.


Prove you are top secret agent material:

Complete a mission or Mr Q's TrAIL (recommended if you have already played all missions) in a record time to rank high on the leaderboard.


Make it to the Top 5:

Get invited back along with the top 5 teams from each of our missions and from Mr Q's TrAIL and play our newest experience (yes, we have a new mission!! ).


Final showdown:

Compete against the best teams in our new mission and emerge victorious.


Escape together to Budapest:

Enjoy a 2 Nights all expenses paid team trip to the Capital of Escape Rooms.

Top Competition Rules

Play fair

Each mission and the treasure hunt can be played only once by the same team or individuals.

Multiple entries allowed

You can book and play the missions and treasure hunt in any combo to increase your chances, however, only your best time will be considered.

Mr Q

Terms & conditions

By entering the competition you agree to follow our terms & conditions .

Final showdown

Top 5 teams from each of our 3 missions & Mr Q's TrAIL must be available for the final showdown between the 28th - 30th September.

Team challenge FAQ

Teams who sign-up for the challenge will have to complete one of our missions or Mr Q's TrAIL (recommended if they have already played all three missions) in a record time and with the least amount of help in order to rank high on the leaderboard.
The top 5 best times from each type of mission will qualify to compete in the final showdown, in our new escape room. The final showdown will run between 28th-30th September. The best team will win a trip to Budapest: the Capital of Escape Rooms. Please check our terms & conditions to find out more.

Our escape rooms were designed for teams of 3-6 players. For the outdoor quest you can book as a team of 2, however, if you want to join the challenge and book an escape room as a team of two then please get in touch via the Contact us section.

You can find all details about prizes and competition rules, including Mr Q's TrAIL rules by clicking here.

Team stats will be displayed on this page every Friday. Only the best times in each room will be made public, however. Final team stats, announcing the top 5 teams who will competete in the final showdown will be displayed on the 27th of September.

Unfortunately, in this situation, your qualification will be forfeited and the team with the first place runner up will be invited in your place. Don't be disheartened, though! You will still receive one team experience voucher and goodybags. :)

In this situation, if at least two members of the original team can and still want to attend the final showdown, then that would be no issue. However, if they win the grand prize, then it will be up to them to decide if they want to invite along the members who were not able to make it.

In the very unlikely event of a team tie (i.e. mission/quest completed within the same amount of time, with the same amount of help), we will settle this by inviting teams to play our laser mini-game (yes, we have one of those, too). Or through a round of rock-paper-scissors. Whichever will seem more appealing.

Yes, you can. You can book and play any of our missions or the outdoor quest in any order or combo. In this case, however, we will only consider your best time achieved overall.

No, there isn't. However, teams who require less help than others will rank better. For more information about this, please check the competition's terms & conditions.

Got any questions?

Get in touch +44 779 877 2382.