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It’s October, and you know what that means! Paint your faces; cut holes in your sheets; get ready for a sugar-rush, Halloween is here! But fear not… Well, no more than you should this time of year. By Mr Q’s orders, our mission this month is to make sure we stay family-friendly.

Meet the Team | Agent Alexis

08/10/19 By Louis Cammell

Alexis’s background in both sales and escape rooms was well established by the time he joined us in 2017. His passion for people is evident to anyone who has booked through him, and he himself attests to the importance of respect and empathy that his role has taught him. We caught up with him to discuss his route into his current role, the misconceptions he’s regularly met with and the positive changes he’s witnessed clueQuest make for companies.

It’s been a week since this year’s CIPD People Management Awards, and as proud supporters of human resource innovation, the clueQuest team was in attendance. Not only were we supporting the nominees in the category we sponsored though, but also one of our very own team members…


Meet the Team | Agent Alex

01/10/19 By Louis Cammell

Is it by pure coincidence that Alex came to us around Christmas-time? We think not! He’s exactly who we’d been asking for, so staying on the nice list must have paid off. Alex was President of the Adventure Gaming Society at the University of Kent, where he also completed his Mathematics degree before joining us in a front-of-house role. So when the clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP) required a head for numbers and a heart for adventure, we were lucky enough to need look no further than right under our noses...

Meet the Team | Agent Lindsey

24/09/19 By Louis Cammell

In a moment of serendipity, Lindsey first joined us while at LSE studying the use of escape rooms to observe group dynamics, just as we were developing what is now the clueQuest Assessment Programme. In our brief chat she elaborated on her findings which have been instrumental to the programme, as well as her feelings towards the role she has since moved in to at clueQuest.

For better or worse, everyone’s management style is different... Which can make it extremely hard to assess your own. You may find common ground in the styles of your peers or idols, but without set labels, how will you develop a consistency to your methods; an ethos that feels complete? Luckily, the work of social psychologist Kurt Lewin boils it down to just three styles, complete with each one’s observed effects on a team.


Meet the Team | Agent Eszter

17/09/19 By Louis Cammell

A self-confessed perfectionist, Eszter has an eye for detail and a keen interest in people. As a result, her impact on the company in the past 18 months is visible in anything from staff morale to the imminent launch of the clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP). We caught up with her to discuss her balancing of multiple roles, from our head of HR to the leading force behind CAP, as well as the rewards of laying out our core company values. 

VR Escape Rooms | What You Need To Know

05/09/19 By Louis Cammell

Four months have now passed since the release of Ubisoft Blue Byte’s Beyond Medusa’s Gate, their second virtual reality escape room set in the world of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Along with its predecessor, Escape the Lost Pyramid, it has been available to play at clueQuest ever since. But is it the way of the future, or simply a gimmick? That’s the very question we’ve been posing ourselves, so without further ado, here’s all you need to know.

Meet the Team | Agent Hannah

20/08/19 By Louis Cammell

With almost a year under her belt, Hannah’s love of stories is what keeps her enamored with Mr Q’s super-secret spy training facility. Being surrounded by fellow actors, comedians and performers is not something she takes for granted. Rather, she considers her colleagues friends for life. Never one to break character, she modestly chalks her newfound adaptability down to Mr Q, but it’s clear that it’s the result of hours of commitment. Our conversation ranged from her initial thoughts upon arrival at clueQuest to her most hilarious customer anecdote. 

Between his everlasting influence on ethics, art, poetry, politics, and pretty much everything in-between, Plato’s name probably comes up in conversation more often than anyone is bothering to keep track of anymore. But if there’s one topic on which I never expected Plato to have weighed in, it’s the advantages of escape rooms from a team-building standpoint.