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For better or worse, everyone’s management style is different... Which can make it extremely hard to assess your own. You may find common ground in the styles of your peers or idols, but without set labels, how will you develop a consistency to your methods; an ethos that feels complete? Luckily, the work of social psychologist Kurt Lewin boils it down to just three styles, complete with each one’s observed effects on a team.

Meet the Team | Agent Eszter

17/09/19 By Louis Cammell

A self-confessed perfectionist, Eszter has an eye for detail and a keen interest in people. As a result, her impact on the company in the past 18 months is visible in anything from staff morale to the imminent launch of the clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP). We caught up with her to discuss her balancing of multiple roles, from our head of HR to the leading force behind CAP, as well as the rewards of laying out our core company values.

VR Escape Rooms | What You Need To Know

05/09/19 By Louis Cammell

Four months have now passed since the release of Ubisoft Blue Byte’s Beyond Medusa’s Gate, their second virtual reality escape room set in the world of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Along with its predecessor, Escape the Lost Pyramid, it has been available to play at clueQuest ever since. But is it the way of the future, or simply a gimmick? That’s the very question we’ve been posing ourselves, so without further ado, here’s all you need to know.

Meet the Team | Agent Hannah

20/08/19 By Louis Cammell

With almost a year under her belt, Hannah’s love of stories is what keeps her enamored with Mr Q’s super-secret spy training facility. Being surrounded by fellow actors, comedians and performers is not something she takes for granted. Rather, she considers her colleagues friends for life. Never one to break character, she modestly chalks her newfound adaptability down to Mr Q, but it’s clear that it’s the result of hours of commitment. Our conversation ranged from her initial thoughts upon arrival at clueQuest to her most hilarious customer anecdote.

Between his everlasting influence on ethics, art, poetry, politics, and pretty much everything in-between, Plato’s name probably comes up in conversation more often than anyone is bothering to keep track of anymore. But if there’s one topic on which I never expected Plato to have weighed in, it’s the advantages of escape rooms from a team-building standpoint.

Meet the Team | Agent Sahin

06/08/19 By Louis Cammell

For Sahin, working at clueQuest has opened his eyes to a world beyond that of just the company, but of high-octane escape missions across the nation. He’s managed to average more than one mission a month - at clueQuest and elsewhere - since joining us, and the practice is clearly paying off. Not only have his initial nerves completely subsided; he also proudly holds the honour of being this year’s Easter Egg Hunt champion.

It’s been over a month since the LCCI PA club showcase, and as proud members of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we sent two of clueQuest’s sharpest agents on a mission to inspire fellow business owners and employees to enhance their workforce’s productivity by paying Mr Q a visit, and learning about themselves and their company in the process. Below you can find a selection of photos from the day, as well as a link to the video.

Meet the Team | Agent Jemina

25/06/19 By Louis Cammell

A trusted member of the team for coming up on four years now, Jemina has recently moved into a different position within the company. It would be to the dismay of many customers if she disappeared from view totally though, so she’s currently splitting her time between FOH and BOH duties. Our chat was full of insights into when the atmosphere’s at its best, how she’s learnt to cope with nerves, and how she’s feeling about her new role.

The Escape Room Dream Team (and Why)

21/06/19 By Louis Cammell

Wondering who to bring along for the greatest chance of escaping? A former games host has compiled their perfect (fantasy) quartet, complete with the reasons why. Find the closest comparisons in your life and you should be fine…

Meet the Team | Agent Far

17/06/19 By Louis Cammell

With so much talk around the rooms themselves, it can be easy to forget about another of the main aspects of the customer experience at clueQuest: Customer service. Far’s the man who makes sure that our standards stay as high as they are, and we’re pleased to say that our reviews seem to attest to his success. Far can often be seen quite literally wearing his love for secret agents on his chest, in the form of an Alias and Mission: Impossible T-Shirt, so it’s no surprise that he’s all about the clueQuest theme.