There’s a New Toy in Town

Published: Modified: Author: Publisher: clueQuest Ltd.

As if slipping into secret agent mode to bring down the evil Professor BlackSheep in a series of enthralling missions isn’t fun enough, we now bring you FlapIt.

Flap what? FlapIt is a new device that is waiting to meet you in our briefing area. We know that clueQuest provides some of the best immersive experiences in the UK, you know that we do and TripAdvisor ranks us Top Dog for live escape games. But now we want the rest of the world to know what they are missing out on. So your latest mission is to help us to get our FlapIt counter through the roof. 

Just think about all of those deprived people who have never experienced the adrenaline-pumping buzz of clueQuest. The work colleagues who are unaware of the team building fun that they could share. The Stags and Hens that have to settle for a clichéd night out dressed up as nuns. 

Only you can save these people and save them you must. Meet our new FlapIt friend now in the clueQuest briefing area and share the escape game love.

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