Saving the World: Education & Laser Beams

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Last weekend we had the opportunity to run a little game for some our our youngest agents so far. Our (almost) neighbours from Light Project Pro International, a local educational charity, invited us to light up their annual Christmas Party with a bit of puzzle-solving fun for the kids.

Helping our boss,Mr Q, defeat the evil Professor BlackSheep while shooting a 'real' laser beam got everyone buzzing - from a little girl wearing a white tutu and fairy wings to our two game hosts, Julia and Richard, who had a blast running the activity for the little spies. 

Islington MP, Jeremy Corbyn, also present on the day, held a speech on the importance of easy access to education and the considerable difference Light Project Pro International continues to make to their local community. 

Founded in 2004, the educational charity brings together families and volunteers from over 35 countries to improve the educational opportunities of local communities. Their aim is to promote social inclusion, therefore everyone is whole-heartedly welcome to take part in their wide range of projects. For more information on Light Project Pro International or to get involved visit



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