Dani's Charity Raffle

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"I am the girl who's beat cancer, anything else is nothing compared" – writes 21 year old Danielle Grammer-Taylor on donatefordani.com - the website created to support Dani’s Charity raffle. 

At 20 years old, Danielle (Dani) was diagnosed with ‘a one in a million’ case of cancer. After months of numerous operations and intensive chemo treatment,  her determination to fight the disease helped her beat cancer. 

Grateful for her recovery and for the ongoing support she has received from Cancer Research UK during her treatment, Dani has become herself an advocate in the fight to cure cancer and decided to organise her own fund raising raflle.


Global 4 & Home Telecom were the two main sponsors of the event organised for Dani’s cause. The Horsham-based companies picked up Dani’s story through an employee and they decided to help. Their event raised over £3000 for Cancer Research UK, according to a Home Telecom Sales Team representative. 

At clueQuest we were happy to be one of the companies contacted to support the prize draw which took place on the 25th of February, on Dani’s 21st birthday. 

Our clueQuest live escape game experience voucher for a team of 5 was won by Home Telecom team member,Maddie Goacher. Congratulations, Maddie! We hope you will enjoy your prize. ​


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