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Mr Q, clueQuest’s boss and chief superspy decided that it’s time for the agency to move to a new, bigger and better place. We will hold our last missions at the Liverpool Street HQ on the 1st of March. But fear not, clueQuest will open it’s brand new shiny improved headquarters at 169-171 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross St. Pancras on the 9th of March! For you cryptographers out there the post code is N1 0SL.

New HQ - 9th of March - King's Cross

If you’ve been planning on trying the clueQuest experience, now is the best time to do so with the even more polished versions of our two missions, PLAN52 and Operation BlackSheep. From the getgo we will have 2 PLAN52 and 2 Operation BlackSheep rooms available for booking with many more to come. clueQuest NEW HQ

With the much bigger new HQ we’ll be able to build more rooms for the current missions so you can have more chances to book for the timeslots that are good for you and your group. And maybe Mr Q even has some new tricks up his sleeve, but more on possible new missions when we know more about the mysterious mouse’s plans.

So if defusing world threatening bombs, saving the known universe and stopping mad sheep scientists from world domination is your thing we can’t wait to meet you at our new headquarters.

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